Friday, September 2, 2011

Infertility Blogs

I usually don't do SUYL on Kelly's blog, but these blogs have helped me so much and through so much, I wanted to share.

These blogs are girls who are still battling infertility.  They need your support and prayers!!

In Their Journey:

Those blogs are all wonderful have-to-reads!  You won't be sorry you decided to follow their journey!

This is my list of "Life after infertility" blogs.  I really find them encouraging!  Each one of these girls never forget what they have been through and that their are still many of us going through infertility!

Life After Infertility:

I find it encouraging that there are many more blogs listed under "Life After Infertility" than "In Their Journey!"  How about you??  I hope you guys enjoy reading as much as I do!!



Michelle@Teagan's Travels said...

Popping over from Kelly's Korner! What an awesome idea! I wish now I had included infertility related blogs as both our girls were conceived via IVF. Support is so vital during this process. I also wanted to share two websites that saved me via their online communities. and (they have boards dedicated to any type of protocol and adoption). I will be praying for all and hope these are helpful!

hollie marie said...

I have a great friend who is "In the Journey" She is so funny and real- you should check her out.