Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mothers's Day

I made a decision.

I made a decision that this Mother's Day is not going to be about me.  It is not going to be about what I don't have.  It isn't going to be about the baby that I have in heaven and not here with me.  It is not going to be sad.  

I made a decision that I am going to be very happy with what I do have.......a mom who is here on earth with me.  A mom who is my best friend.  This Mother's Day is going to be all about her.  About a mom who would and always has given me the world.  A mom who has taught me SO much.  A mom who lives 7 miles from me now, and I still talk to her on the phone no less than 10 times a day.  ha.  A mom that I am NOT going to take for granted. 

Mother's Day is little less than a month away.  It has been hard for me every year for the past 5 years.  Believe it or not, before I found the blog world I thought no one else felt sorry for themselves on Mother's Day.  I really felt guilty that I was sad.  I never told anyone that Mother's Day was a sad day for me.  It was wonderful to learn that there were other people in this world who dreaded Mother's Day right along with me!  

But there will be no sadness this year.  I already have the Mother's Day gift picked out for my mom.  I am going to go to church with her that day.  I'm going to let her pick where she wants to eat lunch, and I am going to enjoy every minute with her!  We might even go shopping!  It is what we do best as my nephew says, "All you guys ever do is eat, shop, and, shop, and talk!"

I really am blessed that I have a mom that I get along with so well.  I am really blessed that she is in such good health.  I am blessed that we enjoy so many of the same things.  I am blessed that my friends love her almost as much as I do and she is always invited to everything we do!  

I am really blessed that my BFF who is moving to Oregon (not sure how I am going to do with that) asked my mom to ride the 2 and a half days it will take her to drive to Oregon with her and stay for a few days with their family and then they are going to fly her back.  I'm pretty blessed that her kiddos call my mom grandma and don't know that she isn't "really" their grandma. 

I'm pretty blessed that my BFF whose mom was very sick for a very long time and passed away almost 10 years ago tells me all the time how glad she is that I appreciate my mom and don't mind sharing her sometimes.  My BFF always invites my mom on our outings because she enjoys spending time with both of us. 

I am blessed that my mom who is already a grandma  to 3 can't wait to be a grandma to my future child/children.  And even if that doesn't happen anytime soon, I am going to enjoy every minute with her.

I made a decision, and I am going to really appreciate my mom this year.

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