Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Monday-Praise You in This Storm

This is one of my favorite songs......well, I know I say that about every song, but for real.  This one is great.  I was, and still am, a little cautious about posting this song.  I know so many more people in this world who are going through MUCH greater storms than I am right now.  Right at this moment there are people hurting much worse than I am.  I am VERY grateful for the life God has blessed me with.
I had one of those days at work that really makes me thankful for my life.  My dad was a good dad.  No one is perfect, but he was a good dad.  My mom is the best mom.  For real, this statement is a whole post in itself. (coming soon) My sister is a great mom.  My in laws are the best EVER!  I secretly love it that my friends are all envious that I get along with my in laws so well.  ha.  I love my husband's WHOLE family like my own, and I think the feeling is mutual.  All 5,972 of them!  ha.  But really, his family is huge.  And they are all great!

  I have a great place to live, and get to move into an even better one this summer!  Yay!  I. Love. My. Job!  How many people in this world can really say that??  But really, even on really frustrating days like today, I love what I do.  Being on hold with the child abuse hotline while listening to Christmas lie (don't they know it is April?)......for 30 minutes today, I had some time to think.  I get to do my part to make sure that child is safe tonight.  As a child, I never had to worry if I was going to be safe that night.  And as an adult I don't have that worry either.  Which brings me to what an awesome husband I have! Another post in itself, but anyway, really.  He is great, and I have no doubt that God put us together for a reason.  Now, I am pretty sure that every marriage has its challenges (and I'm pretty sure you would be lying if you say yours doesn't), but I think we work through those challenges pretty well.  We've been through some pretty tough stuff over the last 7 years, but it only made us stronger.  He truly accepts me for me.  And I think he is pretty great! 

I had an awesome day yesterday with one of my very best friends.  We were instant friends at church camp when we were 12.  We have never lived in the same town, but we have never lost touch and remained the best of friends.  I am blessed with so many awesome friends!  Really though, I moved 6 years ago.  I have only made one new really good friend since I moved.  I have a few acquaintances, but only one new really good friend.......all the rest of them I've known since junior high, high school, or college.  And, I graduated college almost 10 years ago.  I tell my husband that my friends just set the bar high!  I don't need to make any new really good friends.  I am very happy with the ones I have!  I am very blessed that each one of my friends who is now a parent is a VERY good parent.  And I  am not just saying that.  I hope I can be as good of a parent as they are one day.  They all always put their children before themselves. 

My church has been a blessing.  I love my preschool girls and their families!  And, the best thing ever happened in June.  A preacher who happened to be at that same church camp where I met my best friend almost 20 years ago happened to become my preacher.  Coincidence, I think not.  Last June after we found out our last IUI didn't work, I go to church and it is announced that said preacher was going to be MY preacher.  I'm pretty sure God sent him here for me.  ha.  But really, he has been such a blessing in my life.  He helped mold me as an elementary student and a high school student......and now as an adult.  He has been here almost a year, and I haven't talked to him about my infertility yet.  I know, I know.  I am going to.  I'm almost there.  I'm almost ready.  I just know it is going to be hard.  We have such deep roots, and he has known me in almost every season of my life.  I know he will be a great support.  It's just hard. 

And I can't forget, I have the best dog ever.  She is wonderful!  She loves me no matter what.  She knows if I'm not feeling the best even if my husband doesn't.  (I can hide it pretty well, but not from her.)  I love it that when she wants to play she goes to her daddy, and that if she is hurt or sick she comes to me.  She needs me, and I need her!  I love it that being parents of a dog can really teach you what kind of parent you want to be to your children, and even maybe what your natural tendencies are......and maybe that you (ME!) might want to work on those a little.  Maybe there was an incident last week where a certain dog and a certain stray cat that was taken in maybe got in a fight and there was a lot of blood and the cat seemed VERY hurt and the dog was scratched up but actually okay.  Maybe this dog's mom was very mad at the dog and totally blamed her for everything that happened, and maybe that dog's daddy said there was no way in the world that his dog could do anything wrong and it had to be that cat's fault.  ha.  (In this case, it turns out the cat had one injury and the dog was hurt much worse.  In this case the dog's daddy might have been right.  Oh, and everyone is just fine now!)  I might need to work on always blaming my children, and my husband might need to realize that his children might do something wrong every once in a while!  LOL!

Maybe I don't have a baby, but I think I am a pretty lucky girl.  I am definitely counting my blessings tonight and thanking God for today.  Even though it was challenging, it opened my eyes.  

Thank you God for my blessings!  And I will praise you no matter what!

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