Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick Weight Watchers Update

So, I am a little confused.  Last week, the lady told me I gained a pound when I weighed in.  I never looked at my little blue book that she writes in every week.  There is also a white folder that you pick up at the door that they also write your weight in every week.  I don't really know why there are 2, but I don't guess that matters.  Well, when I was waiting in line to weigh in I looked at my book and it said I stayed the same....not gained a pound.  Then I looked in the white folder and it said I gained a pound!  Ha!  BUT, 

I lost 1 pound!

Or I lost 2 pounds....I lost one pound from my weight week before last.  So I either gained a pound last week, or I stayed the same......but either way, in the end.....I LOST!  Yay!  So I am down a total of 4 pounds in 4 weeks!  Hooray!  

And, well, I haven't done wonderful at the exercising for 30 minutes 3 times a week, but I have stayed active......like cleaning out our store room that has had the same stuff stored in it for 6 years.  Whew!  We worked from noon to 10 pm Saturday and noon to 8 pm on Sunday.  And, I vacuumed, armouralled (is that even a word?), and washed my car tonight.  I am loving this weather!!

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