Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Really Cute Story...

So first of all I have to mention.......I am SO over feeling sorry for myself.  I feel good about it, and I am ready to do this!  (I just have those moments every once in a while, but I usually get over them pretty quickly.....especially if I will admit that I am having "a moment".  I vented to my husband last night, and now I am ready to go!)  And who couldn't get over feeling sorry for themselves after this.......

Okay, so this just made me laugh so hard I had to share it with someone......who better than you guys!

I teach the preschool class at my church on Wednseday nights.  I think I have mentioned that, but anyway, I have all girls.  There are usually 7 of them.  The weather was so pretty yesterday and thanks to DLST we had more sunlight, so I decided to take the girls outside on the playground for our lesson......and of course to let them play!  They ran and played for a while, then they all came (on their own) and sat beside me so I thought it was a perfect time to read our bible story and have our weekly talk.  Of course if you know any preschoolers it is pretty hard for them to sit still, but they do pretty good.  One of the little girls, we will call her E, leans over and passes gas pretty loudly in the middle of the story.  It was obvious that it kind of shocked her and she proceeds to giggle and say, "I tooted!"  Then all of the other little girls start giggling.  Through my giggles I say. "What do you say, E?"  ~best part of the story~ And she says, "Just a minute Miss (my name).  I have to laugh about it first!"  
And when she got through laughing she very politely said excuse me.
Oh my these girls are great!  They have no idea how much they mean to me and how good it is for me to spend an hour with them every week!   
Of course the moment was lost and I let them go play again.  Sigh.  We will try the story again next week!

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