Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is Not a Road Block.....

Just a bump in the road.  I thought this was a good explanation for today.  I am supposed to be having a Sonohysterography today, but I'm not.  It would be the first step towards our IVF.  I am a little dissappointed, but not too bad. 

I was sick again last week (you will see that this is a pattern for me....especially this time of year).  I missed 2 days of work for something that I usually just would have worked right through.  I just had a sinus and ear infection, but my doctor said it was pretty bad so he wanted to try a stronger antibiotic.  Well, I had an allergic reaction to the medicine.  Yuck!  So, the jist of this situation.....I hate allergies!!  My allergies are the reason I had a sinus and ear infection, then I have an ALLERGIC reaction to the medicine that is supposed to make me feel better.  The allergic reaction was worse than the infection.  The reaction is what put me in bed for 2 days.  So anyway, since I just completed my new antibiotic that I got prescribed after having a reaction to the other one today, my RE wanted to wait until I am totally recovered before my procedure. 

And, I did not feel like I needed to miss work for something that I didn't HAVE to have done today.  I am very close to being out of days that I can take, so I would rather save those for just in case.  

And, we still don't have all of the financial stuff worked out.  My REs office is in a different state, and there is an REs office closer to us (but we don't want to go back there), so all of the insurnace and what percentage they will cover is still an unknown.  Apparently the insurance company wants you to go to the RE that is closest to you?  I don't know why that matters?  But anyway, they are working on it, but don't have a definite yet.   

So, with all of that I know this is best.  But you know, I am not wonderful with the whole patience thing.  I am much better than when we started this process, but not wonderful.

So, I will call and reschedule and I will keep you posted.

Oh, and while cleaning out our store room this weekend, I found all of the paperwork from our other RE!  Yay!  Now I can finish the "Infertility Resume" that I started forever ago!  I think I will start working on that tonight.

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