Thursday, February 24, 2011

Call from the Re's Office

I am trying to not be discouraged, but this stinks!  
The Re's office called and asked for my new insurance information.  The lady who handles the insurance called me back and said that my husband's insurance (which we switched to because we were told it has infertility coverage) only covers certain diagnosis which neither my husband or I have.  
Why would it only cover certain diagnosis?  

One of the diagnosis it does cover is endometriosis.  My RE has suspected that I have endo, but since IVF is our only chance at getting pregnant and the best fertility treatment for someone with endo is IVF he didn't see the point in doing the laparoscopic surgery to determine if I have endo or not.  He said the surgery will not help the IVF be more successful, and the recovery for me would not be easy. 

Not that I want to have the surgery, but I am going to talk to him about possibly doing the surgery so that maybe we can get infertility coverage so that we can do IVF.  Without the insurance coverage IVF is not an option for us.
I am trying not to get discouraged.

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