Saturday, February 19, 2011

Music Monday-Anyway

Martina McBride's Anyway is my choice for this week.  I really love this just makes so much sense!

God is great, but sometimes life ain't good.
And when I pray, it doesn't always turn out like I think it should.
But I do it anyway.

Amen!  That is just the way life is. 

"Turn out like I think it should...."

I am a planner.  I always have been!  I love lists.  I also LOVE to mark things off my lists!  
My husband and I had OUR plan.  OUR plan was to be married for 2 years before we started having children.  In those 2 years we were going to purchase 2 vehicles that were family friendly (check), pay off some bills (check), and find a place to live with enough room for children (that still hasn't happened!  Ha!  but it IS happening this July!).  Plan # 1 and List # 1=mostly successful.
Then we were going to get pregnant in a few months, and have a very uneventful 40 week pregnancy.  A healthy baby was going to be born, and we were going to repeat the process is 2 years.  Plan #2 and List #2=unsuccessful.
(This plan sounds unbelievably naive.  Oh to be young again.) 
God's plan is very different from our plan.
We have prayed and things haven't turned out like we think they should..........But, the important part......We do it anyway.

Side note:  We even had baby names picked out before we started TTC.
(We now have 3 boy names and 3 girl names picked out.  Ha!  5 years gives you a lot of time to talk about this stuff!  Luckily we still love the first baby names we picked out and WILL use at least one of them one day.  As much trouble as we are having having the first child, I can say that is it highly unlikely that we will need all 6 names!  But it is still fun!)

Sometimes it is hard to "do it anyway."  
Sometimes it is hard to keep failing, but get back up and try again.
But I have chosen "to do it anyway!"

Totally off subject, but when searching for this song on You Tube, I came across the video below.  I baby sat Miss Hannah!  You have to listen to this video!  It is wonderful!  I think she sounds just like Martina!  Hannah recently got married and now has a newborn baby boy.  Yes, I am old!
Isn't she awesome!?!

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