Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weight Watchers

I did it.  I went back to Weight Watchers tonight.  I am happy to announce that I weigh 37 less pounds then the last time I started Weight Watchers......and drum roll please........11 less pounds then the last time I weighed in at Weight Watchers!  So, not only did I keep the weight off that I lost....I lost more.  I have to say I was a little shocked!

One of the main reasons I went back was because my RE still wants me to lose 10 pounds and my appointment is in 13 days!  HA!  At least I can tell him I have gone back.
Another reason is because I stopped going during our last round of treatments mainly because of money.  We needed every penny.  We got our tax return today, so there was no more perfect day to pay for Weight Watchers!  (Well, and I also stopped going to Weight Watchers because of stress.  I didn't really think it was in my best interest to worry about all of the shots, blood draws, ultra sounds, pills to take, etc., etc., AND keeping up with every piece of food that entered my mouth......well truthfully my husband probably would have suffered the most!  Ha!)

And the MAIN reason I decided to go back is because my PCOS is OUT. OF. CONTROL!  Since I started Metformin and BC, it is like my PCOS has been mostly in remission.  I forget I even have PCOS....well, not really.....but you get the point.  But for the last 30 or so days I have really been having problems.  See below:
PCOS Symptom #1:  Weight Gain or Inability to Lose Weight----Okay, so I know I was bragging above about how I haven't necessarily gained weight, but I was VERY surprised because I feel like I have gained weight.  My clothes are even tight.  But anyway, I have a feeling that if I had not gone back to weight watchers the scales would be showing a gain by next month.
PCOS Symptom #2:  Absent or Irregular Periods:  I can honestly say that "Absent Periods" have NEVER been a problem for me.  Periods every 14 days is more my style.  Ha!  Doesn't that sound like fun???  (That is the reason I am on BC right now.  I have now had 3 doctors advise me to either be on BC or fertility meds.  [Okay, so maybe I was a little stubborn and kept hoping by body would do what it is supposed to.  No such luck.]  There is no "trying on our own".  Which really stinks because I hear about all of these awesome stories of couples who were going through fertility treatments and took a break and got pregnant "on their own".  I have really heard more of those stories than I have heard of couples getting pregnant on fertility meds.)  ~TMI warning~But apparently if you bleed (I was told it isn't actually a period because my hormones levels don't rise and fall like they should) every 2 weeks it isn't good for your uterus and could eventually cause cancer.  Ugh.  All of that to say, I am on cycle day 14 and my body is trying to have a period.  What in the world!  I am spotting like crazy.  I also had a period that lasted for 24 hours 4 days before I started my period last month.  It wasn't just spotting.....cramps and all.  Ugh.  My body won't cooperate even on BC and Metformin.
PCOS Symptom #3:  Infertility.  Well, I think that is self explanatory.  Ha!
PCOS Symptom #4:  Excess hair growth.  Well, it is not just the cold air causing chill bumps that is causing the hair on my legs to grow like this!  Ha!  And plucking my eye brows daily is getting old!  Really, this is the most obvious indicator that my PCOS is out of control.  When it is under control I don't have to worry about excess hair growth.
PCOS Symptom #4:  Thinning Scalp Hair.  I would like to say this isn't happening, but the hair in my brush and shower say something else.  Luckily, every time before, as soon as my hormones are regulated I have had new hair growth.  Most people can't stand to have those short hairs that you can't tame sticking up......I love it because I don't want to go bald!  Ha!
PCOS Symptom #5:  Acne.  Ugh.  This was the first symptom this time.  My face, back, arms, chest all broke out before I had my one day period last month and they haven't cleared up no matter what I have done.  And believe me, I have tried it all.  I have just decided to live with the fact that if my PCOS is not under control I will break out.  Ugh.  I am broken out worse than I ever did as a teenager.  Ugh.
PCOS Symptom #6:  Ovarian Cysts.  My ovaries are definitely telling me they are there.  Not fun.
PCOS Symptom #7:  Fatigue.  Um, definitely.  I would stay in bed all day every day if I could.  For the last 2 weeks my bed has sounded wonderful to me no matter what time of day it is.  I slept 8 hours Saturday night, took a 5 hour nap on Sunday, then slept 8 hours Sunday night.  No lie.  I did feel a little better Monday morning, but by noon I was ready to take a nap.  Ha!  
PCOS Symptom #8:  Mood Swings.  Oh my.  Just ask my husband about this one.  It is like I can't control my mouth at all!  Everybody gets on my nerves!  And I am not good at hiding that they are getting on my nerves.  I always apologize in advance.  But I still feel bad!  It is like I know I am not being very nice but I can't help myself.  If you know me IRL you know this is not typically me.  I am laughing less everyday.
PCOS Symptoms specifically for me:  My blood sugar is dropping.  I am having bad headaches, and my stomach is upset a lot.  These things don't happen to me when my PCOS is under control.

So, if you are still with me.....I think that sums it up.  My diet can really affect my PCOS, so I am VERY hopeful that changing what I eat with help correct this.  I am honestly scared of what the next step is if my diet, BC, and Metformin can't control my PCOS.  Please say a prayer that Weight Watchers is the answer.  Thanks!

(I am planning on talking to my RE about all of this on my appointment date, but I would rather talk to him in person and by my appointment I will have finished this round of BC and can start fresh on a new one my next cycle if that is what he decides to change.  It will also give me 2 weeks to see if Weight Watchers helps.)

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Tara said...

I am so glad you started this blog. I had no idea you were going thru all of this. Bless your heart! Please keep it up. Only good things can come out of all this!!